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You are doing more work for the city
« on: December 21, 2013, 01:17:24 am »
Charles has been 4.3 points per game better than Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy, the second-highest fantasy player at the position, under ESPN standard scoring settings. Take away Charles' 5 touchdowns and 215 yards combined rushing and receiving in Week 15 against Oakland and he still averaged 17.3 points over his first 14 games, 1.9 points better than McCoy.
The Fort Morgan City Council is meeting tonight at City Hall,advanced diagnosis. Times Staff Writer Jenni Grubbs is covering the meeting and will live blog here and on Twitter while it's happening,Gambee amassed enough inventory to go off on his own.. It will start right around 6 p.m. and should last throughout the meeting.
Among the reasons: Insomnia traditionally hasn't been taken seriously as a distinct mental health issue; it's been viewed as a symptom of depression or anxiety.
Watching Brady move his offense from his own 20-yard line to the Miami 14 was gut-wrenching for fans at Sun Life that stood throughout the drive, fans watching at home, and Dolphins offensive players who fretted they had scored too early.
 In the vote Tuesday afternoon, Justices Corliss McCain, Carlton Buddy Lawrence, Billy Dean Akers, Danny Wade Rice and Ronnie Wheeler voted against the proposal. Supporting the proposal were Justices Bob Barnes, Jeff Langley, Benny White, Ricky Simms, Bob Rush and Frank Rawls.The second controversy involved changes in the proposed county budget for next year, specifically as relating to the Crossett District Court clerks.In both a letter and a personal appearance before the quorum court, Tami Jordan, the Crossett court clerk, noted that the county's budget proposed for next year includes a reduction of $6,825 in the assistant clerk's salary and a cut of $6,000 lives in New York,385 in her salary.She noted that a reason for the proposed reductions is the lack of revenue coming into the court for county tickets. She said that since 2006, there has been a tremendous drop in county tickets. Most county tickets, she said, are being handled in the Hamburg District Court. Jordan said that the Arkansas Municipal League said that the practice of moving tickets from one court to another is not legal, and the tickets should be handled by the nearest court. Jordan said that she has talked to Sheriff David Johnson,gucci clothing, and Crossett is now getting more county tickets. She also noted that Arkansas State Troopers are changing to e-tickets in which courts will be assigned on the ticket.Jordan also noted that she had several members of the public complain to us on a regular basis about receiving tickets in Crossett and having to go to court in Hamburg. She also said that an audit of tickets is underway to see how many should have gone to each court.Justice Rawls responded that the budget committee felt, You are doing more work for the city, and we expect the city to make up the wages. Jordan said that she understood that, but the court is not getting tickets because of other factors. She said later that the issue goes back to a ticket the judge found someone not guilty on.

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Re: You are doing more work for the city
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